12 March 2012

Scam through Facebook Chat

Albert Lugard:
Thanks for accepting my friendship because i have a very confidential matter i wish to discuss with you if you can assist my clients to relocate to your country with resident papers, we have a big reward for you if we can get all the honesty from you because a large investment fund is avaliable

To be straight and honest. Your Proposal sounds very much like scam.
but if it is no scam and you can proove it, I may be able to help.

Albert Lugard:
i am a family man and cannot be involved in scam
my friends are the family of late Comrade Jonas savimbi

I do not know this person. who is it?

Albert Lugard:
that is not important but can you help them to secure and invest 25 million dollars in Thailand, i will arrange everything and the funds will be delivered to you in cash as a diplomatic cargo

and how can I get diplomatic cargo???

Albert Lugard:
Mr Jonas Savimbi was an opposition leader whom was in custody of diamounnds
his son and wife arrived here ( south africa) as assylum seekers in custody of diamounds which i assisted them to sell to De beer company here in south africa
diplomatic services are accorded to big customers of absa bank
it is a high profile service, can u help???

1. How can I help
2. What proof do you have that this story is true?

Albert Lugard:
i have evry proof and can conclude this in four banking days

i can even send u the pictures of the funds which is safe in the custody of absa security vault

I can easy get pictures of a lot money from different resourcesm that will proof nothing. Any Documents ???

Albert Lugard:
yes of course, the deposit certificate is with Mrs Savimbi

Here I got enough. The same name can be found involved in 419 Scam. Here only one


Deleted him from my Friends and reported to Facebook