27 January 2011

Protect your Facebook Account

If you have a Facebook Account and you are serious thinking about how to protect your private Data there against Spam, Scam and Fraud You should use the new Bitdefender safego App.

Bitdefender is the first AntiVirus Company I know who is taking the step forward and protecting Facebook Accounts. I hope that in the future such Applications will be available for any Social Network.

BitDefender safego is a free tool that has a nose (i.e. scanning capability) for nasty e-tricks, plus an eye for personal information exposure. 

BitDefender safego uses the BitDefender antimalware and antiphishing engines to scan URLs in the cloud. Posts and comments are scanned heuristically, in the cloud.

BitDefender safego includes a privacy protection feature which warns you in case your public profile contains private data that can be accessed freely by persons who are not among your Facebook contacts. A list of categories of such vulnerable private information is displayed on the BitDefender safego application’s interface so that you can adjust your profile’s privacy settings accordingly.

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