08 December 2010

Junk at Tobri

I joined Tobri only a few days ago and already got my first Spam Message to it.
Miss Joy found my Profile at xaeron.net, but unfortunately I do not know this website and so I never registered there. Also I am not interested in her lovely Picture. :)

My name is Joy i saw your profile today at xaeron.net and i love it i think we can click so please i will like you to email me back through my email address thus (joylovepeterson@yahoo.fr) so that i can tell you some more about me and give you my lovely picture so that you can know me well ok.
i'm waiting to see your lovely reply soon.
Miss Joy.


14 October 2010

Newest Royal Scam at Facebook

Yes you read right, now the British Royal Family got involved in scamming. Not the real one, but there are some people faking HRM Queen Elisabeth and her Grandson HRH Harry, Prince of Wales.

I got in Contact with a Scamer on Facebook which is using the Name of Prince Harry to involve me in some mysterious Business. The Person is telling me that his late Mother Princess Diana deposited 1.5 million Pound at a Bank in Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin, Africa.

The Contact to me was arranged through another person which said to be the Queen. Here are the Links to the Facebook Profiles of both:



Both contacted me early morning Thailand Time, which means middle in the Night in London. I honestly believe that HRM the Queen already sleeps at midnight.

HRH Harry should also have Money enough to pay such a affidavit fee of  2,350 Pound by himself and he does not need to part the 1.5 millin with somebody he just meet at Facebook.

I copy a part of the conversation from yesterday to this Blog, so that you can make your own decision. Check also the spelling of our English. The Person I have chat with made some spelling mistakes, which I believe a native English speaking Person (and a member of the Royal Family!) would never make.

Facebook Chat from this Morning:

good morning
how are you today?
fine thank you.
hoe was your night?
I slept well. We had again a lot rain last night.
ohh good weather
The heat is dropping down, so the rain was real good.
yes, cool weather
were you able to write the proposal?
not finished yet, but I am half the way done.
okay cool
i want to to share a thing with you but i want you to promise me that it will be between me and you
it will be between us.
are you serious?
why ?
the kind of person i am, if something is white is white.....If something is black is black....
Do you understand what i mean?
I think I understadn this.
i mean if you tell me not to tell anything that you told me and i will not tell anybody no matter anything
So what i want to tel you now i want it to be between you and i
the only exception for this would be if I could get in trouble with the Law. Like you telling me you will rob a Bank. :)
So will not have any Problem with it.
okay good
so please go on.
I came accross the Deposit Certificate of £1.5 Million and i am the beneficiary of the money....She deposited the money before she died and when i came across it i contacted the bank in Cotonou and the Bank Manager told me that i am the benefifiary and the money is intact in the bank......I am telling you because i don't want to share it with anybody and i want us to have it processed and i will give you £750,000 to do the business you are sending the proposal
Do you mean your Mother with She?
The Bank manager said i just need to get an affidavit from the High Court in Cotonou, Republic Of Benin and it will only take a week for the processed of the money and i will have the £1.5 Million....You know how to do business and i want us to invest the money on the business
It was just my Mother that Deposited it alone and i am the benefifiary
i have done all the necessary confirmations and i have kept the Certificate Of Deposit.....The affidavit will cost just £2,350 and once we pay the money and have the affidavit submitted to the Bank Manager, the money; £1.5 Million will be released to me under a week
I see.
Do you understand now?
I want this thing to be between you and me
are you there?
I am here and I understand.
Good.....Since i don't want anybody to know about it, i want you to help me with the Affidavit fee and i will make agreement with you via My Attorney that once the money is out, you will have the £750,000 for the business and all the expenses will be paid back

18 May 2010

Scam in Viadeo

Now Scammers has arrived at www.viadeo.com as well.  Mr Joseph williams wrote me the message below. Lucky for Viadeo Members is that the Person already got removed. Very fast response.

Good day to you my friend, my name is Joseph williams,

living in Ghana. I seek your assistance in a business

transaction/investing.I will explain more in my next e-mail when I

get your reply.Please reach me back via my personal address

(josephwilliams_2@yahoo.com) Thank you.



28 March 2010

Scam through Facebook

I had a very interesting Chat with a Facebook Friend some days ago. Larry Williams was asking me to chat on Yahoo, since Facebook Network is very bad (I lost this first Part of my conversation).

He is a "native" American "Girl" sitting in Nigeria with a 14,400 US $ cheque and no cash. I captured most of the chat and blog it here. My comments are in blue colour. Read through it and make your own decision about it: SCAM or TRUE?

My Decision was to stop the Chat, delete the LADY from my Friends in Facebook and Yahoo Messenger and write this Blog.

First Part was not captured, since I already stopped the chat.

slksbkk 18:03
Good bye

larrywilliams2000 18:03
what do you mean? 18:03
but all not all people on internet are bad 18:03
i will be leaving here soon 18:03
larrywilliams2000 18:05

slksbkk 18:07
I do not like anything regarding Nigeria, since until now I( only got scammed from this country)

larrywilliams2000 18:08
wow i am so sorry to hear that but not all ladies are same

slksbkk 18:08
scamming has nothing to do with Ladies.
are you a Lady? 18:08
larrywilliams2000 18:09
yes i know but i am only trying to let you know that i am honest and i cant do such a thing
i know its not a good thing to be scammed 18:09
i hate the country as well 18:09

Larry is a Man's Name. My older Brother's Name also. This Lady is the first one I heard of having the First Name Larry.

slksbkk 18:09
So why is your yahoo and facebook name a Mans name?

larrywilliams2000 18:10
i was named larry after the deat of my grandpa
i know its very funny 18:10
lol 18:10
what are you doing for living and where are you from? 18:10
slksbkk 18:11
No Profile Picture, A Lady with Mans Name and Nigeria... sorry that sounds a lot like scam.
are you a native american? 18:11
larrywilliams2000 18:12
well...i told you that i am not from nigeria....i only came to claim my inheritance and that is all
i just open face book 2 weeks ago 18:12
i am new to all this internet what ever 18:12
slksbkk 18:12
OK, but are you a native american?

larrywilliams2000 18:13
yes of course

So now we know she is NATIVE American!

i have my passport and visa with me here as well 18:13
slksbkk 18:13
I believe that you have, otherwise you would not be able to enter a foreign country.
I use Facebook for quite a long time and it is one of the finest networks, only the chat is worse. 18:14
you will like it if you got used to it. 18:14
larrywilliams2000 18:15
yes thank you for that...but why do peolpe run from any body that came to nigeria

slksbkk 18:16
Nigeria is teh Number One Scamming country.

larrywilliams2000 18:16
yes i was told

slksbkk 18:17
and nobody likes scam

larrywilliams2000 18:17
yes you are right
but i also want to be very careful as well and that was i have decided to chose friend s from face book 18:17
are you single or married? 18:17
slksbkk 18:18
that is also suspicious
you are a friend on Facebook, but did not read the Profile. 18:18

real Friends read through your Profile and know such Data, except if it is not published. I am case it is visible to my friends.

I am married 18:18
larrywilliams2000 18:19
i said i dont know much about it and that is why i am asking
well with kids? 18:19
i am happy for you 18:19
where are you from and what are you doing for leaving? 18:20

Here a proof of bad english: using leaving instead of living.

slksbkk 18:21
I already told you this and your english is bad as from an non native american.

larrywilliams2000 18:23
well i am sorry ...my english is not that good
my dad was unable to send me to university before his death 18:24

Now the poor Dad was not able to send her to the University. Is this necessary to write and read a proper English if you are a American?

slksbkk 18:24
why? you are native american it should be. but there is a big difference between living and leaving

larrywilliams2000 18:24
i miss type 18:24
leaving means going 18:24
larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 18:26
slksbkk 18:26

what areyou doing in Nigeria? you said something about claim your inheritance 18:27
larrywilliams2000 18:28
yes i just got the inheritance now..i have it with me now
my dad left it for me 18:28
so i was called to come and claim it and that is why i came down here 18:29
larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 18:33
hi 18:35
larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 18:39
slksbkk 18:40
what did your dad do in Nigeria?

larrywilliams2000 18:43
he came down here to work with one oil compnay here befor ehi die
before he die 18:43

Another thing that made me thinking. 1. wrong English Grammar die instead of died (but this could be a typo) 2. working for a oil company in Nigeria is mostly used in scam  

larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 18:46
larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 18:47
well...i can see that you dont want to chat with me again 18:47
slksbkk 18:47
I had diner. It is evening here.

larrywilliams2000 18:48
oh i am so sorry for disturbing you
i was thinkig that you are running from me 18:48
slksbkk 18:48
I am now back at my Notebook

larrywilliams2000 18:48
ok 18:48
good 18:48
larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 18:49
what are you eating for dinner 18:50
slksbkk 18:50
some Thai vegetables, fried egg and rice.

larrywilliams2000 18:50
where is ur wife? 18:50
slksbkk 18:51

larrywilliams2000 18:51
ok ..i hope she wont be mad at you chatting with a lady?

slksbkk 18:52
why should she be mad?

larrywilliams2000 18:52
well...i am just asking cos some women are hot temper

slksbkk 18:53

my wife is like icecubes 18:53

:D That is True, but she would kill me if I had an affair with another woman.

larrywilliams2000 18:54
that is good

slksbkk 18:56

larrywilliams2000 18:56
well...i have been trying my best to get back to the state but i am having problem now 18:56
serious one 18:57
slksbkk 18:57
Aha, which problem?

Now the serious part is coming!

larrywilliams2000 18:57
well.....my return ticket got expired and i went to the embassy for help
they told me to bring certain amout which i dont have now cos i have use the money i have with me to pay the lawyer before i have the inheritance 18:59

AHA, she needs money

larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 19:02
slksbkk 19:03
what is the inheritance?

larrywilliams2000 19:04
the entitlement that belongs to my father where he works
larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 19:05
slksbkk 19:05
and what are this entitlements? I believe you did not come the whole way from USA for getting nothing

larrywilliams2000 19:06
yes i have it now
but the problem now is that i have to renew my ticket and i dont have the money with me again cos i have spend all the money i have on the inheritance 19:07

slksbkk 19:08
what are this entitlements?

larrywilliams2000 19:09
well........it all cost 14,450 us dollars
but i cant handle it all alone\ 19:10

Here she speaks about some costs! but not about the entitlements. Also I am not sure if the word entitlement is correctly used for a cheque in my Hands. (see below!)  I just would say I got a cheque and not that I have a entitlement to a cheque.

slksbkk 19:10
why are you not just answering my question?

larrywilliams2000 19:10
i am still small for it
that what/. 19:10
i am here talking with you 19:11
slksbkk 19:11
but not answering my question

larrywilliams2000 19:11
what is that?

slksbkk 19:11
what are this entitlements you speak about?

larrywilliams2000 19:13
oh...i just told you the cheque of 14,450 was given to me to take back to the state to cash it and i was given all the nessary details that i will have to take to bank to have the money when i reach there

slksbkk 19:14
you did not say anything about a cheque, but (I copied the next sentence to show her what she was saying)
          larrywilliams2000 19:09
          well........it all cost 14,450 us dollars

larrywilliams2000 19:15
yes i mean all the amount on the cheque

slksbkk 19:15
show the cheque to the embassy, that is a proof that you have some money and can pay them back if they help you.

larrywilliams2000 19:16
they told me that they cant do that...i have show them..but the said that the only help they can rendered is to get the amount of 250 us dollars and they will help me
i swear with my late parents grave

slksbkk 19:20
so you must pay 250 US$ to get help from the US Embassy?

larrywilliams2000 19:20
i swear 19:20
they want to help me cos i am a citizen 19:20

see...i am a honest lady and i dont hurt people here... 19:21
i belive in truth 19:21
cos the truth set people free 19:22
slksbkk 19:22
I call a friend at US Embassy here to check how they can help you

larrywilliams2000 19:22

I really called a Friend and told him the story. He said just to shut down the chat. The American embassy would help it this would be real and so I told here than.

thanks very much 19:22
but they told me to pay here in the embassy here in nigeria 19:22
and they will get me out of here asap 19:23

what did he say? 19:25

larrywilliams2000 has buzzed you! 19:27
slksbkk 19:28
My friend says that the Embassy must help you, they may ask for some more evidence or for names of some people in USA which can confirm that you are from there.

larrywilliams2000 19:29
yes they did that here already and i gave them the photocopy of all the details that they need and that was why they decided to help me with just 250 us dollars

slksbkk 19:30
my friend said it should be possible to pay such a fee later at home.

larrywilliams2000 19:30
yes but they said i should pay it here and they will give me my flight details and i will get home safetly
please i will be very happy if you can help me and i will never forget you 19:31
that is how they do here in american embassy that is here in nigeria lagos state 19:31
slksbkk 19:31
Ok, I will tell you what I do.

larrywilliams2000 19:32
what sir?

slksbkk 19:33
I am now knowing that you are a Lady with a Mans Name, an american native with bad english, and right now in Nigeria the Paradise of Scamers
you want 250 US$ from me which: 19:33
1. you will never get 19:33
2. shows me that you are a scamer 19:33
the US Embassy will help you if your story is true. 19:34
larrywilliams2000 19:34
oh i see

slksbkk 19:34
End of COnversation.

larrywilliams2000 19:34
well we can forget it if you dont trust me
thanks 19:34
i am not forcing you 19:34
only asking for help 19:34
ok 19:34
thanks so much 19:34


13 March 2010


I just  received following email:


We are shutting down some email accounts and your account was automatically chosen to be deleted. If you are still interested in using our email service please fill in the space below for verification purpose by clicking the reply button. Learn more

Birth date:

Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his or her account within Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.
Thank you for using Gmail !
The Gmail Team
First I was really thinking that this is a "REAL" Email, but than at a second thought I just viewed the Source of the email. Here the Result (I marked the important parts in different colour):
From - Sat Mar 13 20:56:05 2010
X-Account-Key: account5
X-UIDL: GmailId12757938b021895a
X-Mozilla-Status: 0003
X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000
Delivered-To: somchai.quint@gmail.com
Received: by with SMTP id w17cs145956ibr;
        Sat, 13 Mar 2010 04:50:39 -0800 (PST)
Received: by with SMTP id hf10mr2651776qcb.98.1268484639262;
        Sat, 13 Mar 2010 04:50:39 -0800 (PST)
Received: from p3plwbeout05-02.prod.phx3.secureserver.net (p3plsmtp05-02-02.prod.phx3.secureserver.net [])
        by mx.google.com with SMTP id 5si9578543qyk.77.2010.;
        Sat, 13 Mar 2010 04:50:39 -0800 (PST)
Received-SPF: neutral (google.com: is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of frinsms@dscdsdce.com) client-ip=;
Authentication-Results: mx.google.com; spf=neutral (google.com: is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of frinsms@dscdsdce.com) smtp.mail=frinsms@dscdsdce.com
Received: (qmail 3455 invoked from network); 13 Mar 2010 12:50:38 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO localhost) (
  by p3plwbeout05-02.prod.phx3.secureserver.net with SMTP; 13 Mar 2010 12:50:38 -0000
Received: (qmail 13810 invoked by uid 99); 13 Mar 2010 12:50:38 -0000
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"
User-Agent: Web-Based Email 5.2.08
Message-Id: <20100313055038.c602f9eb9890c1ee70b2df47b8c8ff45.96838bb007.wbe@email05.secureserver.net>
From: "Gmail" 
X-Sender: frinsms@dscdsdce.com
To: accounts-support@gmail.com
Subject: Account Verification
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 05:50:38 -0700
Mime-Version: 1.0
The IP Address used is from Go Daddy, but seems not to be used at the Moment. 
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07 March 2010

European Fraud Investigation Committee is scaming You!

Funny what Ideas this Scamers have. Now they sending emails to you claiming that they are police and caught the scamers which cheated money from you. The email below was in my Junkmail System and I copied it here for you.

Check out the Header! The reply address is not the Senders email address! http://www.co.cc is a free and low cost Domain Name Provider in Korea.

No Name is to find under To:

fromFraud Investigation Committee
dateThu, Mar 4, 2010 at 8:08 AM
subjectFraud Investigation Committee/ Information   

Fraud Investigation Committee

Attention: Sir/ Madam,

We recently arrested a group of West African / Ghana, Benin and Nigerian Internet scam Artists in London and we have reasons to believe you have been one of their numerous victims. A thorough search of the computers
arrested with the individuals and their confessions during interrogation has revealed to us that you paid certain sums of money to these fraudsters via Western Union.

These individuals have been wrongfully informing a lot of people via email on the internet that they have huge sums of money to be transferred from a foreign Bank Account. Also, they have confessed to loan scams, the UK National Lottery scam and Euro Millionaire Lottery Scams and have been demanding money from innocent people for purported claims of the said money.

They operated with a fake Security firms and Bank and courier and a lot of people have fallen victims to them in the past 3 years. One of them was arrested recently when they attempted to defraud an American citizen of $5.2m USD by the London Police and the Interpol working together to break the scam ring.  Our Investigation revealed that you paid out some money to these individuals over a period of time. We are happy to inform you that you can now claim back your money as well as your compensation.

We have already initiated proceedings on your behalf with the West African / Nigerian Government to ensure that as a genuine scam victim, you will not only recover your lost money but also you will be compensated for the financial and emotional stress you and your family may have passed through because of the scam.

Our Internal Audit Bureau has estimated that you are eligible to claim a total of $200,000.USD from the Fraud Compensation Committee set up by the West African / Nigerian Government to ensure that properly identified scam victims are paid and adequately compensated from the $3bn allocated compensation loan from the World Bank.

This Fund is directly under the watchful eye of both European Fraud Investigation Committee/ British Intelligence Unit to avoid misappropriation or embezzlement of fund. Please respond back to us
immediately to ensure that your details are confirmed as being eligible to receive your compensation within 72 hours of receiving this notice;

All compensation requests are attended to strictly on a first-come first-serve basis. As soon as I hear from you, I will direct you properlyon how to acquire the compensation fund without further ill-treatment.

To acquire your compensation, Contact our Public Relations Officer Below.

Name: Mr. Henry Green
Email: admin@europeanfraudinvestigation.co.cc
European Fraud Investigation Committee
London United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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12 February 2010

Spam at Facebook

I just received the message below to my Facebook account. A typical Spam Message. Be aware if you get something like this. I suggest to report the Sender as a Spamer or Scamer and delete the message. Do not answer to it.

Hello Somchai Hermann Quint

I am Dr . Benjamin T. Dabrah a citizen of Ghana . I have the information to the existence of an abandoned big sum of money in my department belonging to a late customers Mr. Daniel Quint who happen to have the same surname as yours .The fund is now without any claim because Mr. Daniel died in a deadly earthquake in China .
The process will be of great mutual assistance to us . Simply send me your reply of interest so that I will give you the details .

Please strictly reply me through your email address and through my private address : benjamindebraa@live.com or email me your own email address then I will explain in details what my proposal is all about .

Best regards,

Mr. Benjamin T. Dabrah.

10 February 2010

Spam at my Blog

This morning I had again to remove some spam posted from somebody else to my Blog. I wonder how this can be happen? What will Blogger do to protect my Blog. I changed my Password, made it very difficult, but still somebody unwanted can access my Blog and post Spam to it.

09 February 2010

Royal Oak - Another SPAM


But I decided to leave it here to show You how eay it can be for somebody to Hi-Jack your Accounts and using Your Identity for Spam or Scam. I removed all Links at this Post, so you cannot be redirected to the advertising Website.

Be careful with your Passwords and change them frequently.

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  • Audemars Piguet
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  • Blancpain
  • Breguet
  • Breitling
  • Bvlgari
  • Cartier
  • Chanel
  • Chopard
  • Chronoswiss
  • Concord
  • Corum
  • Dewitt
  • Dior
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Emporio Armani
  • Enicar
  • Ferrari
  • Franck Muller
  • Girard Perregaux
  • Glashutte
  • Graham
  • Gucci
  • Guess
  • Hermes Watches
  • Hublot
  • IWC
  • Jacob & Co
  • Jaeger LeCoultre
  • Jaquet Droz
  • Longines
  • Mont Blanc
  • Movado
  • Omega
  • Oris
  • Panerai
  • Parmigiani Fleurier
  • Patek Philippe
  • Philip Stein
  • Piaget
  • Police
  • Porsche Design
  • Rado
  • Richard Mille
  • Roger Dubuis
  • Sarcar
  • Tag Heuer
  • Technomarine
  • U-Boat
  • Ulysses Nardin
  • Welder
  • Zenith

  • Tiffany & Co Jewelry
  • Bracelet
  • Cufflinks
  • Keychains
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  • Locket
  • Luggage Strap
  • Money Clip
  • Necklace
  • Pendant
  • Pens
  • boxsets

  • Gucci Bags
  • Louis Vuitton Bags & Wallets

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Chronog'raph.Chronom'atic+ Ce*rtif*ie Chr,onome,treCar-tier 'Cuffl,inksP'asha de* Ca+rtier +Chro,nograp-hExc+alibur- C+hronogr.aph1*884 'Chronogra*phLu-mi-nor Mar.ina S-S Bra*celet.De Vill-e_ Co A+xial 3' fac-ed Ch-ronomete*rLo'uis Vu'itt,on Bags '& W,allet,sGraham'Grand .Car+rera Ca*lib_re Ch*ronogra'p_hJ12 B_lack Hap-p-y Diam_onds *Sport Ov'alBvl-ga.riMas'ter C,ollectio+n M_aster A,u'tomatic* Chr'onog'raphSpitf,ire C_hr+onogra_ph Au_tomatic-50t+h Anniv*e.rsary'Happy Di*amonds.C.lassic Sa'ntos+ S,eries Sa_ntos C+lass_ic1.8Kt/SS ,Two T-one R'ose +Gold P*res-ident-ial _DatejustU-lys_ses 'NardinA,rch,itect*e GMTMil*le M-ig*lia GMT -St-ainle+ss St*eel Bra.cel_etSports 'C+hrono,graph.FacetoHa+ppy D'ia,monds Sp-ort O,va.lCasabl-anca SS* Brac.el+etCalatr*ava+Kiri-um F*ormula. 1Dual. Chr*onogra-phM'ille _Miglia' Rub.ber S+trapHandb.ags &. Wa.llets S_lyte,ch Chr_onogr+ap+hLimi'ted +Sports* Editi+on +Chronog_raph-Gucci Ro-llerS_lim- Quart'zS_pecialiti_es' Olympic. Coll_ect*ion T.imeless,R-ichard M,illeC*la-ssic San+tos S-eri'es S-antos Cl,assicO-me.ga Seama+ste_r Plan+et O,ceanR,oger ,Dubu_isSpo+rts Se'ries- Chron+ograph_Bla*ck M'urakamiWa.t*ches -Miglia Gr*a'n Tur'ismo XLD-e _Ville 'CoAxial .CoAxi-a*l Rat_trapa*nteAd'miral,'s Cu-p Tides *48Spi+tfire _Ch_ronogr'aph' Automati-cD.e Vi_lle Co A.xial_Seam'aster+ Diver *Seri_esOval -Se.riesGla,sh'utteTiffa*ny &* CO Ne'ckla'ceL'uminor .Arkto_sC'ortina Ch,ronog,ra_ph (Lea,th'er strap*)Vint_ag'e 1945 XX.L C-hro*nograph,Link_ Calib*re 5 'Autom-aticJub_ileeO.mega_ Se*amaste+r 300 _M GM_TMov-adoE,mporio, Arman'iCas*ablan*ca Lea_ther 'Ban'dSenat,or Na+vigato+r C-hronogr.aphSpe-edMa_ster ,Dat*eTitan _Chrono+grap'hSt. Dupont B_allpo,intC*alibr_o 30'3 Chr_onogra,ph5,0th An.nivers'aryM-ont Bl+anc *Fou+ntain_ PenLoui+s 'Vuitt,on Bags +& W,alle_tsCraz-y Ho*urs Tourb,il+lon Pow_er I+ndicato+rBR. SPrec,ious M*etal 'Fl_ight Dec*k MB,Pan*eraiGold*e_n Tourbi.llon, Pan,oramiqu,eTou_rbill,ion Ch'ronogr,ap*hsPrecio'u.s Meta_l Flig'ht De'ck MBS'anto's 100* Chrono+graph*Preci_ous M+et-al Fligh+t Dec*k *MBConqu_ista-dor K-ingBR01, +Tourbi-llon R+ubbe,r St'rapMarine+ *Chron'ographC'arrera 'C.alibre 1,Baby. acces,so-riesC.asabla+nca SS 'Brace*letL_imi.ted FF E*ditio_n Ch+ronogra*phDa+to*graphTT_3 Chro*no_graph+Audemars, Pi,guetOys*ter+ Day, date W-hit-e GoldMe*rcedes+ Be'nz 'SLR Ch+ronogra.phLo.uis V_uit-ton K,eychainsJ-12 Tw+o to_ne Bla'ckCor,umJ12- -Two t+one White.Om-ega Seam.a.ster Plan-et O+cean C,h_ronoNBA _St*ar Yao. Min-g Limit,ed E+ditio'nLouis- Vuitto'n Ba,gs *& Wa_lletsBR ,Gra,nd Co_mplic*ation ,Chronog_raphG*uessJ_12 Bl*ack' Chrono'gra'phSlyt,ech* Chr,onograp*hSan*tos 10_0 Sk,elet,onAssiom+a Chr,onogr,aphN-icolas+ Rie*ussec* Chr.onogr,aph 'Platinu+mTortu+e S_eriesOv+al _SeriesL-ouis _Vuitt,on Bag+s &' Wall.etsM+iglia_ Mill_e GTChr*istia,n Dior, K+eychains-Loui_s V*uitton' Ba_gs & Wall,etsCa,sa'blan,ca Tourbi.l.lon Ch,ronogra-phTa,chymet.er _Chronogr+aphLo-ui*s Vuitt_on B+ags &. Wal+letsBvl*gari *Cuf-flin-ksTech_noma*rineCasab+lan,ca +Leather ,BandSp*ort X-X.L Chrono+graph +Autom*a_ticLo,uis Vuit,ton R,ol+lerball,Lumin'orL,ouis Vui*tt_on Bags _& W'alletsG*ra-nde Co,mplic+ations_ Per-petual ,Calen-de'r Chr_onogr*aphFe_rrariJ1_2 Clas'sic C.hrono-gra+phRoya+l Oak C_hron_ograp-h Limi,ted- Edi_tionTour,bi,llonLumi.nor- Marin,a To-urbi,llonMil*le M_iglia *Chro*nog*raph Leat_h,er St,rapMo+nt Blan.c Keyc,hai-ns18K't/SS T-wo *Tone ,President-ial -Dat_ejustM+oonpha*se 'Automat+iq.ueOmega+ De V,ille Co- A+xial, Chro'nographMu-st 21+ Se.rie_s Must. 21 Chr.onog,raph*Presid,ent 18-k &' SSCo.mplic,ation. Moonph+ase _Chrono+grap_hChrist.i.an Dior* Key,chainsLo-uis .Vuitto_n 'Bags _& Wallet_sLumi_norT*achy.meter C'hron.og_raphSpi'tfire 'UT_C18Kt/SS_ T*wo Tone P,r,esiden-tial. Datejus_tPano. R'etro Grap_h+Louis Vu.it'ton Bags -& W+alle,tsNaut.ilus-Naviti*mer 125+E C,hron_ograp,hTime .Walker* GM+T Autom-at.ic Ch.ronog-raphArchi'tec'te GM_TLink C,a,libre ,5 Autom-aticLa.dys* Quar*tzDiago.n-o Tita'niumLe G.ran,de -Classi'que -Quartz 3_7mm*Clas.sic C*hronograp.h*RadoSeam,aster's Aqua+ Terr+a+ Automat,ic-Bentley .Mo'torsTag H_euer*Loui's Vuit+ton' Bag-s & Wall-ets+Blancpai+nChan'elN.ew S_antos +Serie's San.tos ,100Lange_ 1 Mo-o-nphaseL.angem-atik P-er+petualLo*ui_s Vuitton. Ba+gs .& Wallets+F1 -Dual .Tim+e Chro'nogr'aphBMW +Ora.cle Tour.bil-lon _Chron'ograp*hSuper Oc*ean-Happy D'ia_mondsMil-l.e Miglia _GM'T Sta.inless+ Stee_l Br*acel'etLou'is Vuit,ton B.ags- & Wall-etsRatt_ra*pante_MontB,lanc. Cuffl'inksC_asablan*ca 'SS B,racel_etLouis V+ui+tton' Bags. & Wa-lletsAdm_iral S+ 'Limite.d Ed,ition_Traditio.n T'ourbillo_n Co'lle'ction*Louis- Vuit+ton Bags* .& Wall.etsDu+pont *Replic-a L,ighte,rs Colle_ction+ 2_005Gra.hamMig,lia G_ran T+urism+o X_LOyster D+atej'us*t SSTou,rbilli_on. Chron-ogra+phPiccad'ily B,aigno'ireC-las+sique Co,mplica*tions_Ti'me Wa_lker GM,T Aut+om,atic _Chronogra-p.hLumi,nor Ma.rina *Rubber -BandLo.uis- Vuitto,n B-ags .& Wal.letsL*umino.r GMTGC +Di.ver C*hic -Chronogr*aphS.ports -Ser,ies Chro'n_ographA.udemar.s P-igue-tLouis 'Vuitto+n Ba,gs &* Wall*etsGC_ SE 1 +Chro-nograph.Portug-ue+se Cla-ssicMon'tBl'anc Cuf+flink+sMigl,ia. Gran T,uris_mo X.L Chron+og-raphDatog,ra*ph Perpe-tual.Ome+ga Seam*aster *Pl*anet- Ocean Ch_ro_noLo_uis Vu-itton Ba+g.s & W.alletsM+onaco *Chrono,gr'aphLoui's Vui_tton B+ag+s & Wall.e+tsLea_ther 'band +Dateju'stPlat+inum/_Whit+e Gold O,yste*r Date,justA+quat_imer+ Ch+ronogr.aphSupe'rlegg'era J1*2 Whi-teO+mega 'Speedm-as_ter S+noopy+ Edit.ionMontBl+a,nc Cu*fflinksMo_nt _Blan,c Bal.lpoint,Pearl'mas_ter Whi-te G-oldT.ourbi*llion' Chronog,rap_hsTourbi_llio_n Chr,on,ographsRo*tonde+ d-e Carti_er* Tourbill*io*n Chro.nogra.phAllon-g.ee Cein,tureLo*uis, Vuitton, Ba*gs & .Walle.tsRadi*omi'r Tour_bil'lionP.anthe*reSpor+ts Ser_ies, Chron-ograp,hMont+ BlancL_ouis .Vui*tton Ke'ychai'nsD_upont. Cuffli*nk,sU-Boa_tLouis* Vuitto*n- Bags &. Wa'llets.Tommy .Hilfige,r Chr+onog.raphMa'ster C-oll'ect_ion Mast*er' Automati_c C+hronog+raphT'ou*rbillonCa+li'bre _360 A'utoma+ticChrist'a_l Bracel'etRa.ttr,apante Ch'rono.graphA*qua,time*r Chrono.gr_aphO,yster Day- d+ate Wh.ite Go.ldTi*me -Walker+ GMT. Auto+matic -Chron-ograph,Langema't.ik Big+ Date+Speedma-ster -Br+oad A+rrowR*oadst*erOmega 'Seama.ster- Pl-anet O-ceanGr'and -Comp_licatio-n Chron-o-graphClas_siqu_e Co+mplic.ations_Chro_noswis*sBig* Pil'otWel.derFie*roCasab-lan,ca S.S Bra'celetCas+a'blanca SS* B_raceletS'po+rt Ev_olut-ion Imp*act ,Tour+billon_Bentle+y Motor,s C*hron-ograp'hMoon'phaseV+arian,tes .Tourbill*on .Spor.tsLouis -Vuit*ton B.ags* & W,allet+sBR SGucc-i Bal.lpo+intSea'master+ Pr-o 30'0m Sea_master ,3_00m GMT+Mast*erpiece. Whit_e .GoldLum+inorA.dmi*ral's -Cup Chro'nogr-aph*Christa+l D'iamon_d Br*acelet_Digita'l Serie,s+Grand C,omplica-t.ion Chron*ogr'aph_Chronom_etre' Navit+imer.A Lange +& Soh+n*eDeeps'ea S+ea Dwel+lerLum'inor+ Au_tomati'c Tou*rbil_lionS T *Dupon,t *Lighters' Gol'd Seri_esC-hronoswi's'sCalibre- 360 *Autom'aticP_ano_mati-cLouis. Vuitton. Ba.gs & Wa_ll'etsPas'ha De -Carti*er .Power R'eser.veCrazy* Hou.rs T*ourb+illo*n Power I.ndic+ator.Louis V_uitto.n _Bags & W-all-ets,Tank ,Francaise- .Chrono,graphTif_fan'y & C*O Br.acelet_sLo*uis V'uitton* Bags &' Wall*etsP'asha De_ C+artier* Pow-er R*eserve'Star Pl_atin.um C_hrono-graphVe.gas A'utoma'ticN-oma-deCar*bon Chr_onogra.phBR0_1 94, Chron'ograph,Bentl,ey Mo+tors 'T,The Mar+ine.rJ12 Bl.ack S'uperle_gger-a J12 W+hite *Chr'onogr,aphL_ouis+ Vuitton_ Ba,gs & Wa-ll+etsSport, Evol+ution_ Ch+ronogr'aphErgo'nC'asablanc'a Lea_the'r Ba*ndBvlgar*i Pe*ndant-Chanel.Ut.ah Leat,he-rTeslar' (Diam,ond+ beze-l)Chro.nomat*ic 49,Loui.s Vuitto+n+ Keych-ainsLo,uis V+uitto*n Bags +& ,Wall*etsTommy, Hil_figerC*hr.onomatic .Ce'rtifi*e Chr.onome,treAq'uarace+rOy.ster P.erpet+ual S'SThou+sands- of F.eet C-S3 C.hrono*graph_Louis V*uit_ton Bag,s & Wa*llets+Ca-rtier P*enda_ntPasha +C C-hronog+raph.Adm-iral's Cu.p Co.mp'etition _Victor+y C*halleng'eK'iriumPo+rtu,guese *Per_petual- Calend_arS 'T Dup'ont Rep*li.ca Ligh_ters- Co_llecti-on 2006*Louis -Vuitt'on B-ag's & Walle+tsAve*nger. T_itaniumC'orumL-angem+atik B'ig +Dat.eLink C_alibre_ 5 -Auto+maticChr.ono-graphe' Certi.fie .Chronom.etreT+ank S_tyl+e Wat+ches ,Tank D*ivan-Cartie*r Cuff'link+sMust .D'e Carti+erLumi_nor +Power R+eserv,eO-mega S'eam+aster' Plane+t Oc_ean Ch,ronoC*asabla_nca' SS Brace'letS'arca,rSu'bmersible+ Mo+onphas'eSch*affh*ausen. Mark X+VDe.epsea S,ea D'well,erNicola,s Ri+eussec. Ch-ronog*raph' Platinu*m-Classi-cal Bi+llion_air+e Tourbil_lonR-oya-l Oak C*hr*onograp.h L+imited_ Editi,onFerra+r'i Gra.nturism-o GMTL,ouis V+u'itton Ba'gs & W*al-letsLou+is. Vuit'ton Bags+ & Wa*llet+sJ12 Cl_assi+c _DiamondsC*hr,istia*n Dior C*u+fflinks,Bentley- Mot*or+sBregu_etHapp,y Diamo_nd-s Sport' Ov,alRoto+nde de_ Ca-rtier_ Tourb+illi_on Chr*onogra.phRot+onde 'To.urbil*lonSpe-edma'ster Br'oad A_rrowLou'is, Vuit,ton Bal'lpoin,tChron,oswi.ssMa*ster Co'llect,ion _Master. Au.tom-atic Chr'onog*raphAyr'ton S*en'naNomade'Co-nstellat'io_n Classi'cL.ouis ,Vuitton_ Bags* & W-allets'Crazy, Ho-ursLang,emat+ik Perp*etua.lDe-witt*Salvator'e Ferr_aga-mo Ke-ychain+sOm,ega 'Seamas+ter .Planet O-cean +Ch_ronoS.ports Ch*ronogr*ap+hJ12 C+las.sic Diam-onds_Kirium .Formu+la 1,50th *An,niversary'Nav'iti_mer Range_G'ucci 'Keych*ainsDeeps.ea Se.a D+weller'Oyste,r Perp_etua-l 18k. G*oldAd_miral's *Cup -Chr.onographC*l_assic Rou'nd-Rattrapa'nt-e Chrono'graph, +IHapp+y Diamo,nds Spo+rt S,qua*reDo*uble Eag.le _Automat_ic Chr-onogr-aph,Gran,de Sonn*erie T-our*billon, Moon.phra+se Ch-ronogra'phTif'f.any & +CO Brace*let.sJ1'2 Cla'ssicMont+ B'lanc F_ount*ain PenD+atogr+aph,Aquar_acer. Calibre' S C'hrono*graph' La-ptimeTori,no .Chron+ogra_phAlu'mini_umRattrap,a+nteSa_ntos 10-0 Flyi.ng T-ourbill-i,onFer_rari Gran.tur,ism'o Rattrap'ant.eFerrar-i Sc.uderi.a Chr-onogra+phLum*in*or Re'gatt-a1884, Hercul.es Ser.ie'sAlum*inium*Dupont R*ep+lica Li+ghter+s Col+lec-tion 2_005U,tah Leath-erC,asablan_ca, Tou.rbillo*n Chro'nograph,Loui.s Vui_tton_ Bags ,& W,allet*sUtah *Leathe.rSchaf*f.hausen Ma*rk XV,Lo*uis Vuit.to+n Ba*gs & Wa_lletsSa*r'carLo,uis Vuit.to_n Bag+s & W+alletsCla-s_sicOyst*er D-ay d+ate Whi.te -GoldMi.lgaussAq+uana_ut+ 5066aS.port XX,L Chr'onogr+aph+ Automa*tic.Datogr+aph_Pasha de, C_artierC_al'ibre 36+0 A'utomati_cCho+pardRole'x, new m.odelsDu*al- time Chr-on'ometer'F1 Du*al Time+ Chr,ono,graph*Crazy .Hour-sLou,is Vuitto'n +Bags & *Wa-lletsT.housand*s of *Fe'et AS Ser,iesT.an_k Amer.icaineMu'st De' Ca_rtier'Mont* Blanc F-ount.ain P'enChro-nomat' Ch,ronog+raphMu.st 2'1 Ser_ies Mus,t 21 .Quart_zNa,utilu*sLumi-nor .Marin,a Tourbi-llo,nMova+doCla,ssic Sq-uare .Autom.at.icMont B*lan.cOmega .Seam+aster '3-00 M C.hrono.meter_Chron+ographe .Cer-tifie C'hro_nom+etreNa.vitim.er Ran+geDa,tograph*Ful.l Size F_iv*e Tim'e Zone -Wa.tches 4,7mm Lea+the'r B+andDual' Ch_ronog+raphAr*mani Ke_ycha-insAssi_oma *Aut,omati.cPen.dantSpo-rts Co,llecti'on Co+n-quest'TankMerc_edes. Benz .SLR- Chrono,gr.aphVeg+as Autom,atic+Oyster_ D_atejust +Whit+e Gold+Ki*ng C*onquistad-or Co.rte.z C-hrono.graphL+ouis *Vuitto*n Ba*gs &, Wallets*Profe+ssio-nal Go-lf* Watc'hTiffan.y & +Co J*ewelryL'ink, Calibre. 5 A'utomati'c.Rotonde d*e Car-t*ier Tourb,illi'on+ Chrono_graphM,onogr,am C,ollecti,onBla_ck_ Murak-amiI-mperial- Tourb-ill,on Moon.p.hrase* Chronog-raphCh_r_onogra+phPearl,mast,er ,White G'oldPrec'ious 'Meta'l Clas_sic_o Gol*den Cro+wnPa'rmi+giani, Fleuri-erN-icolas* Rie-usse+c Chro,nogra-ph P,latinu-mCasabla*nc.a SS' Brace*letSpe_edmast-er _Profes'sional +Chro-nograp_hP.earl'master 18_k Go*ldCor+umCr_azy, Hours T+ourb'illo*nEmp'orio Arma'niJub,ile,e Da.tejust 1'8k- & SSJac_o-b & CoDo,ubl.e Ea+gle Aut'oma+tic C,hrono.graphAqua.racer' Tour'bil-lon Ch-ron'ogra_phLoui*s Vuitt+on K+eychain*sF*ull Siz,e *Five *Time ,Zone W*atches 4+7mm_ Lea+ther Ban.dL'ouis. Vuitton' Bags+ & Wa_lle+tsLou'is Vuit*ton_ Bags_ & Wa,lletsT.ank Fr+an+caiseEnic-arL-oui+s Vuitto_n Bag_s & -Wall-etsD_upont Cuf+flin-ksLon.g I.sland A-ut+omaticSe*amaste'r A_qua Te'rr-a Chronom_ete*rMar.ine Chro+n+ographCh.ron_omatic* 49Cla.ssi-que C-ompli-cationsM*ont B_lan.c F_ountai,n PenGC_ Di-ver Chic. Chro,nogr*aphLi*mite*d F*F Editio+n Ch*ron'ographMo+nt_ Blanc* Rolle-rballL+oui's Vuit+ton 'Bags &- Wallet-sL'ouis V.uitton *Bags' & Wa'll'etsLanier*es Se,ri+esSarato*g,aOmega .Speedm+aster_ Pr'ofessi+onalL*imited .& N'umber'ed Ed,itionsN,ic*olas Rie,us*sec C-hrono-graph .Plat+inumBR _SArc-hite.cte Chro'nogra_phBen*tl_ey Mot,orsDupo,nt C_uffli-nksC.hro_noswi'ssChopard-R,olex ne.w model'sL_anie.res Se.ries,

08 February 2010

Blog Hijack

I got in the last few days some emails about "my" new posts at this Blog, but I did not access it for quite a while since I am just to busy.

Somebody figured out my Password and just added some Spam to the Blog.

I changed my  Password and hope that it will be difficult to crack it.
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