19 September 2009

6 foreigners arrested in online investment scam

Crime Suppression Division police have arrested four Britons, a Filipino woman and a French man for having allegedly deceiving foreign investors to buy stocks online and cheated them.

Pol Maj Gen Panya Mamen, deputy Central Investigation Bureau commissioner, said the six foreigners were arrested at a house on Soi Thonglor while deceiving foreigners to invest in stock markets through Internet.

Police seized seven desktop computers, six notebook computers and 31 mobile phones from the house.

Information from the seized computers showed that they had deceived the investors to invest over Bt100 million in fake firms.

The foreigners claimed that they were hired by a man identified only as Paul for Bt30,000 to Bt50,000 a month to make phone calls.

-- The Nation 2009/09/19

09 September 2009

Scam at tagged, September 2009

One time more a scammer posted at my tagged.com Profile. Tagged is taking very good care about such issues . The Scammers Account should be deleted within a few hours. At other Networks you sometimes never ever get a response if you claim to be victim of a Scammer.

Here the posting:

Hello Big brother,

I will very grateful for your positive response ,  This partnership is to assist in the recovery of this abandoned deposited inheritance which I plan to be used for a profitable joint investment with you abroad after we secured it out from here to your Bank Account in your country Malaysia.

 I strongly believed that you will give me a maximum cooperation to achieve total success of this project and I pledged to work with you on trust and transparent. Again be assured that this transaction will be carefully programmed for smooth and risk free relocation of the said funds and gold products to your custody as far as you handle and keep all details top secret and confidential.
 As to inform You , this consignment involved a valued sum of USD $6.5ml and 48 kg of Alluvial gold dust originally deposited / abandoned in Our Security company here by late Mr Fabio Colley from Cuba.

As the time of discovery, all the initial deposit documents for the original depositor has been secretly retrieved from the records to avoid any trace which has to be converted to your name as the next of Kin to the late depositor.
This change of beneficiary status to your favor will be legally approved / secured at the law court through the services of an influential lawyer here whom I had already intimated with this deal, Your details will be forwarded to him accordingly and he had accepted and willing to represent and work for us provided that we pay him his consultation fees which has not been notified to me yet until you contact with him.

Remember, when the funds are successfully transferred in your possessions, you will be entitled to 30% of the total amount, 60% for me will be used for the joint investment and the remaining 10% will be used to cover any unforeseen expenses that will be incurred by both parties during the course of the operations.
You must be updating me with any progress with the lawyer. Await your urgent compliance as instructed.
Whatever I will be very Glad if you  Call me for a better detail and knowing well of each other, when you have any question feel free and ask. My Personal number +233 248424737.  Please send all reply to My Email at  sylva7777(at)live.com 

(send me urgent your emailaddress & telephone number to effect better communication)

Yours sincere,
Mr. Sylvanus Nana. Ozohill.
+233 248424737.

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