06 April 2009

Canada / Ghana Scam

A new Scam email was catched by my Spam Filter. This Time with some Pictures attached to make it looking more real.

Email address used: mardiya_beloved@yahoo.com

Hi Somchai,
My name is Mardiya and I'm a 32 year old single and looking lady born in Canada but my dad was a Ghanaian and my mom a Canadian. I have never been married and have no kids but will like to get married if I meet the right man and having kids will depend on my man though I love. I'm a simple lady who wants the best for myself and everybody around me describes me as caring, loving, understanding, responsible, friendly, hardworking, compassionate and honest. I like to go for walk, read novels, watch good movies, listen to music, try new meals, spend time with my man or family, chat with friends, meet new people and explore new things. I'm (1.68m)5'6" tall and (57kg)125lbs. I'm currently unemployed but worked as a secretary for a small scaled company,but i have a problem with my manager so i decide to stop the work and find a new job with well payed.. I'm looking for a man who knows what he wants in his woman and has no time for games. A man who is honest, loving, caring, compassionate, understanding, responsible, friendly and family oriented. A man who will not love me because of what I have but because of what he sees in me. That man could be of any age or race, I have no problem with that because I believe genuine love is from the inside and not what we see on the outside. The reason why I'm currently in Ghana is because of the death of my dad. We are done with the burial rites and I'm ready to leave this country but I'm trying out my luck to see if I could meet the right man and move to him right from here as well as working on some few things. How about you, have you ever been married and do you have kids? Tell me more about yourself and let's see where we go from there.below is my pictures for you and i hope you will like it . Take good care of yourself and hope to hear from you again soon. Mardiya

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1 comment:

  1. Found her on Skype and chatted for several.months until we
    agreed that she visit me in Poole, UK. I paid her several
    money amounting to £9,000 but she always brings excuses
    either there is accident or a family memeber is not allowing
    her.Later she told me she was arrested for gold smuggling
    since the item was not licensed.I contact the Ghana Police
    (service.ghanapolice0 at gmail.com) for enquiries and to.my
    surprise it was scam which i have file a report with the UK
    police and Ghana Police. My case is under review and thus
    fake girl named Linda Odom with images of Blue eyed will be
    arrested soon. Beware of scam and report to the Police..