28 March 2009

Scamer at Yasni

Yasni, the fast growing Social Network, is target of Scamers. I self already had a few Scamers sending me messages at Yasni and adding me to their Profiles.

What will Yasni do to protect his Members from such Scamers?

Here are the Details about the newest Contact request I got there:

A Linda Koroma from Freetown in Sierra Leone just added me to her Contacts at Yasni, but her profile is empty. I did a search and found following Links:


here she is a "HE" and Deputy director of British Counsil in Freetown !!!


here she is the deputy secretary general of Mano River Union in Freetown and a "SHE"


here is a sample of a Scam Email sent by Linda Koroma to find.

Sierra Leone is located in West Africa and near to the biggest Scam Countries in the World, Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria.

The Website in Linda Koroma's Profile does not exist and all Koroma's I found on the Internet a black colored, but Linda's Picture shows a young white colored Lady.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Mr. Quint,

    thx for this information. We delete such scamers - I did it right now with profile mentioned above. Of course its difficult to approve identity of all Users but we monitor unusual activity by automatic systems, take care about emails at info [at] yasni.info and even monitor the blogosphere as you can see. ;-)

    Shortly we will add a button for "report misusage" to make it easier and faster.

    Hope my answer was sufficient for you and please enjoy yasni!

    Best Steffen