10 March 2009

Now it is Nigeria

Here the last text messages between me and the African Guy, called Bobby, from yesterday. I saved the Mobile Number from him as Africa.

Me (11:29 AM):
Sorry I cannot help, no money left after paying all open bills. my wife and I was thinking u give work to us and it was unexpected to get asked for borrowing money to u.

Me (11:29 AM):
I am right now in an meeting so I cannot call

Africa (11:43 AM):
It’s not like we want to borrow money u get your money back the moment we get the loggage out. Okay we are going to meet the guy will send u a email with details from the meetimg.

Still not giving up a email followed later:

Sir we went to meet the Diplomat today and he finally send us the airway bill for one of the boxes, so i am forwarding it to you.

we really need your help now.

We don’t want these people keep these things any longer.

I promise the moment we get out the consignment u will get all of the money you spend, and then we can start some investment process from there.

We don’t want to go about telling different people we could get problems from some greedy people.

Since you was the one recommended to us we can only deal with u. hope you understand.

We are urgently waiting for your response.




I did not reply to this, but in the middle of last Night my Mobile rang. A local Number is shown at the Display and so I answered. Definetely a black Male is calling and start with something like “Hey, what’s up….”

It was 1:29 AM and I got angry: “Are you Crazy to call me in the Middle of the Night? I am sleeping!”

I checked the Number this Morning and must find out that the Phone Number is located in Huay Kwang District in Bangkok and no Name is registered in the Phone Books. So it could be a private hold Number or a Public Telephone.

I hung up and turned down the sound of my Mobile, and so missed another Phone Call (from UNKNOWN) at 3:34 AM.

At 5:42 AM a Text Message arrived, sent from a Mobile Number in Nigeria and showing the wrong Time (PM instead of AM)

+2347062971828 (5:42 PM):

Helo sir,u do nt undastand dt am tryin 2 help u here. I’m d new head of west africa anti smugling taxk force. Ur company name hv bin linked 2 som goods tried 2 be smuggled out of africa,am jst tryin 2 make tins easier 4 u & u are nt greatful. Call me wen u are ready & dnt be afraid.Waiting to hear from u.


Do you think that Nigerian Police will give you a call and offer Help to you, since your Name is linked to some smugglers? Do you really believe this?

No Way, that are all Spammers and Phishers. They only want one thing: Your Money. Never trust such Guy’s!

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