29 March 2009

New Spam / Scam at Yasni

Here is another Spam / Scam Profile at Yasni:


The Message I got from this Person:

hello dear sir,Because I believe you can be of Assistance to me and my faith and believe in God lead me to meet a person of you, I am Caroline, I hail from Obuasi village in Kumasi Ghana, am the only daughter of my parents, late (MR./ MRS. JAMES KOME) My father was a wealthy Cocoa and Gold merchant in here in Ghana Before his untimely death. When they were on a business trip to Accra to negotiate on a Cocoa business a time ago , when they got an accident along with my mother, which my mother died instantly but my father died after five days in the hospitals. Before the death of my father, he disclosed to me that he Deposited three consignment boxes of funds that contain { $2.4 millions } in one the foreign bank namely ( I. F.T BANK }, ITERNATIONER FUNDS TRANSFER BANK, and the Documents covering the Existence of the Fund is presently with me, and my father advice me to be wise and brave that I should not invest this money here in Africa . Right Now I am here in Accra the capital, with a friend in a refugee camp here in Accra Ghana , and I have succeeded in locating the Bank here in Accra and also confirmed the Existence of the Funds. I want you to assist me and stand for me as new Beneficiary of these funds, and also use it for an investment purpose. To be a guardian and also help me with Accommodation in your country because Right now I can not going back to my village because of the kind of jealous from some of my families member at home. I am soliciting for your Assistance to help to claim this consignment to be transfer to your bank, because this is my only hope in surviving in life and also continuing my education. As soon as I hear from you i will reach you back with all the information from the bank, so you can contact them for the directive of how the funds to be transfer directly to your account in your country home. I will be glad to hear from you soon, Thanks for your kind Attention and mutual understanding. Yours sincerely, Caroline Kome. Email:carolinekome@yahoo.com

A good thing is that the Yasni Team is acting very fast to reports on Sam and Scam.

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