26 March 2009

New Scam with Pictures

I just found the email below in my Junk Mail System.

If you get something like this, do not respond. It is only a Scam email. The Writer, does not know you and only want to get your Money or steal your Identity.

Dear Mr. Somchai,
I am 60years of age am the Managing Director (ARTHMANUEL ENTERPRISE GH) located in west Africa Ghana, am into mining I need a partner to finance this company, last year I signed an agreement with 50acres track land owners, my company is willing to go into a partnership with you, if you can able to supply us the equipments listed in the attachment.
I want you to know that this is a Private small scale mining Enterprise, managed by myself and my family there is no Shareholder me and my family make up this business I am bringing you in as a partner, in ARTHMANUEL ENTERPRISE. I have over 300 workers, all lives and worked in the village where the site is been located, because of lick of equipments, we don't have much product, if I have your support I can come up with not less than 150killos every month,

Here I don't have good buyers they always comes with low prices of $12,500 05 $14,500 par kilos, which is very pool price. With your assistance I will have access to good price there in your country that will benefit every one of us that contributed to the success of this company.
This is the right time to work on the track land if you can be able to buy us the equipments now. In a month we made Amount 50killios very pool we wants to increased production by having the equipments in place, and we don't have portfolio we are registered local miner,
check your attachment for more details about my company.
Worker salary each persons: USD$20.00 in a week
Income/Government taxes: 14.4%
Provision for Risks and charges: 5.3%
Track Land Securities: 5.3%
Investor invested in: 40%
am wait to hear from you soon.
Chief Emmanuel Arthur,
Office: +233-285-383841
Tel: +233-248-759742
Fax: +233-217011012

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