18 March 2009

New Scam Calls

After having no Calls for one Week last Night a Guy from Ghana called and as many Times before middle in the Night.

Here the Numbers shown at my Phone:


I told the Guy that I am not interested in any Scam and hang up, but he called again and said he does not do Scam.

My Reaction:

"You call me middle in the Night, I wake up, my wife wake up, my Kid wake up and you can do in Africa whatever you want, but not with me. I am not interested, Good Bye."

Do not give them a chance to speak long with you, tell them you know what they do and that you are not interested. They will not stop right away, but after a while getting the same Message they stop. Scamers want your Money and does not want to invest Money. Losing Money for Phone Calls without result will let them stop very fast.

1 comment:

  1. I am getting calls from +233-24-2780217 on a cell phone. If I answer I pay international call charges.
    The number comes from an area near the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Calvary Congregation. Churches are often used for scam operations in undeveloped countries.
    I want to find a way to block unwanted numbers like you can block unwanted email.