10 March 2009

African Scam

It started a few weeks ago with some Phone Calls. Mostly showed my Phone unknown, sometimes a Phone Number in Nigeria. The Guys calling me friend and want to get my Name and my Address. They said the love my Website and would like to be my Friend……

Asking where they got my Phone Number from forced them to hang up.

Now a new Trick has started. I got a phone call from an local Mobile Phone. The Voice sounded familar to me, but I was not sure. “I got your Number from a German Friend in Liberia, I am right now in Thailand and want to invest in some Businesses. Can we meet with you?”

Now Business is a Magic Word, so I said that we could meet, but had in Mind to be careful. The 2 Guys told me their Story.

  • From Nigeria they brought all their Money, Gold and so on to Ghana.
  • Here they got help from some UN People to send all this expensive stuff to Thailand using diplomatic cover (want to get around the high Import Duty and Taxes)
  • Paid already 10,000 US$ in Ghana and need now additional 5,000 US$, which they want from me.

To get out and Home I agreed to check my account to see if I have enough money left. I know how much money is on my account, if they call me tomorrow again I just say I have not enough. The Voice of the Guy remembered me at the mysterious Phone Caller a few weeks ago. I think it was the same Person.

I am wondering how many people are getting cheated since they believe such Guy’s. They did not show any official Documents, they are total foreigners to me and want to borrow 5,000 US $.

To all readers:

If you get a similar Phone Call or email, please do not believe them.

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